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Dear Community,

We have been advised by the DEECD that our term as your councilors has been terminated. The DEECD were clear that this has nothing to do with our past performance as councilors, rather it related to our capacity to support the school in its transition to a single stream school. This view was formed because of our strong opposition to the decision to remove Steiner from the school. Not withstanding our personal positions on this, we were legally obliged to oppose it as an overwhelming majority of the school community is against what has occurred. For those of you who have stood up in opposition to this decision, well done, as our message is well and truly out in the public sphere and the repercussions are yet to be fully felt by those behind it.

Whilst we believe the process and morality of this decision to be highly dubious, we accept it as the reality. For anyone interested, we have published a variant of our last submission to the Minister, which can be downloaded from


For those staying at Footscray City, we wish you and the school well and look forward to participating in, or hearing of its wonderful achievements. For anyone moving to another school, the department is yet to make clear what material support will be provided in this difficult transition and this is being followed up by Tim. Any of you who wish to pursue the possibility of establishing another dual stream school in the west should contact the Western Region Waldorf Education Foundation convener, Noel Attard on


Early the week after next, we propose to hold a town hall at the Pilgrim Uniting Church to talk through the options and alternatives available. A notice will go out as soon as the date and time is confirmed.


Best wishes,


Your parent elected, bureaucratically dismissed school council.




Raimond Gaita responds to the concerns and ideas expressed through The Age’s Comments facility in  response to his editorial (2/11/2011) Hard Lesson in loss of trust and authority