On Wednesday the 26th October, the State Government announced it will sack our school council and axe the Steiner program with no consultation.

The only explanation given has been an allusion to disharmony at the school – a disharmony that the majority of parents feel is non-existent.

No documentation or information has been provided of what this apparent disharmony is, how it has been assessed or what efforts have been taken to resolve it before making this decision.

This decision will affect every child at the school, whether in Steiner or mainstream. For some it may have lasting detrimental effects.

In making such a significant decision affecting some of the most vulnerable people in our society (its children), the authority charged with their best interest made no attempt to consult with parents. Nor, as far as we are aware, did the Department, make any attempt to attend the school during operating hours to gauge the true atmosphere at the school.

Children entering Prep in 2012 in both mainstream and Steiner have already enrolled and commenced orientation programs. This news has been very distressing for those children and families, and is not a good start to their school life.

We are concerned about the lack of due process and accountability that has accompanied this decision. We object to the decision, the way in which it was made and the way in which it was delivered to the students, parents and teachers at the school.

We are calling for Ministerial Intervention to overturn this decision immediately, to reinstate the Steiner program and maintain the democratically elected school Council.

Below is the letter from Western Metropolitan Region received by parents, delivered via their children.