On Tuesday 15th November, the Minister for Education’s office, advised that the Minister, Martin Dixon has agreed to meet with FCPS Paren School Councilors in the next week to look at solutions for FCPS. Parent School Councilors look forward to this opportunity. A futher update will be provided after the meeting.




Last week, Bernie Finn MP tabled and Marsha Thompson MP tabled out petitions in the Legislative Council and the Legislative Assembly respectively


Last Tuesday , School Council officially met and parent councilors submitted their second response to the Western Region (on Wednesday). Our focus for both was:-

i)               making sure that all the right support, advice and services where available for the whole school until the end of this year

ii)             ensuring quality programs remained at the school next year, for those who will stay

iii)            signaling the need for proper support in the transition for those kids who are leaving or transferring

iv)           highlighting the need for ongoing parent involvement in the governance of the school next year


On Sat night, parent councilors met to review the community’s progress thus far and determine next steps. Our objective remains to meet with the Minister to solve this situation. We remain convinced that he is able to because


  1. He has publically endorsed dual stream education for the west
  2. His government wants more independence for schools
  3. This process has lacked transparency and accountability.

 As a community, our focus now shifts to the following

  1.  Progressing our FOI, Ombudsman, Child Commissioner, VCAT and other official and legal avenues to institute accountability and transparency. eMail SaveFCPS  if you would like to help.
  2. Encouraging all parents to access the counseling that has been reinstated by the DEECD due to demand by the community. This is a great opportunity to explain how you are feeling and what you would like for the children before the year is out. Ring the school to make an appointment.
  3. Asking everyone to write to the Minister asking that he meet with representatives of the current council to resolve this urgently for our children. See suggested point to include below.

 As a council, we are humbled by the level of support and energy you are all throwing into this. As we have been put here to protect the interests of the children at this school, we remain steadfast in our determination to get a solution. We will keep you updated on any developments.

Thank you,

 FCPS Parent Council

 Suggested Points to raise with the minister

 Dear Minister Dixon,

Process has lacked transparency and accountability

Is having an adverse effect on the children

Meet to ensure that is an ongoing parent voice in the governance of the school

Find a solution for a dual stream school in the west


Parents representing Save Footscray City Primary School today delivered over 550 signatures  to the Legislative Council and over 550 signatures to the Legislative Assembly of the Parliament of Victoria.

These will be formally counted and then tabled by Bernie Finn MP and Marsha Thomson MP in their respective houses in the next two days on our behalf.

We call on Minister Dixon to meet with us, hear our concerns and to work with us to resolve this for everyone’s mutual benefit.



Over 300 people attended Save Footscray City Primary’s Rally for Choice in Education today and with more coming later to join in the family friendly picnic and petition signing in  the adjacent Treasury Gardens.

When met with concerned police at the Rally outside the Ministry for Education, organisers moved to allay fears as Channel 7 and 2 news set up to capture the protest and hear from beleaguered School Council President, Tim Sharkey and  Vice President Andrew (‘Snowy’) Johnson.  Journalists from Herald Sun, The Age, Footscray Star, Maribyrnong Leader and Socialist Alliance interviewed parents who remain highly concerned for their children’s education with other local schools capped, and Collingwood College’s Steiner program full with a wait list already in place for 2012 preps.

Tim Sharkey called on Minister for Education, Martin Dixon to “sit down with us now to solve this with only seven weeks to go of the school year.  The Minister is our only option. Minister Dixon supports choice in the west, including dual stream schools. We have options – let’s work them through together.”

This evening the number people who have signed Save Footscray City Primary’s online petition reached 1000 people. Thank you to everyone for your support. Photos by Tahnia Trusler & Sean Cummins.


Raimond Gaita responds to the concerns and ideas expressed through The Age’s Comments facility in  response to his editorial (2/11/2011) Hard Lesson in loss of trust and authority