It’s really wonderful to see signatures coming in from around the world as well as across Victoria and Australia – keep it up!

Please sign the petition and forward to any one you think will be interested to support this campaign about saving our dual stream curriculum and reinforcing the notion of choice and diversity in public education.


3 responses to “ONLINE PETITION IS GO!

  1. Michelle Palisi

    It is so important to support diversity in our school systems. Australia is a rich country in so many ways and with this comes the responsibility of providing our children with the very best education we can. To axe the Steiner program without consultation is not only arrogant, but extremely short sighted and unintelligent.

  2. Niki & Tim Burke

    Our son spent all his primary years at FCPS Steiner stream – and remembers it as the best schooling he had. His high school teachers comment on the breadth of his knowledge and the depth of his analysis & discussion in class. He has made enduring friendships with classmates who were together for 6 years.
    Mr Allman at the VED justifying the axing of the Steiner stream ‘the students can get a much better deal than what the’yre getting’ is dismissive of a staff and curriculum that is committed to a joyful, rich and inspiring education.
    The only disharmony during the last eight years has come from a vocal & media savvy group of three or four mainstream parents who are unfathomably determined to destroy a curriculum that their children aren’t even affected by.
    The VED needs to have a process in place to deal with ‘wreckers’ – the well organised and persistent minority who can poison the goodwill and harmony of the majority.
    The true portrait of this school community is a diverse and incredibly active community of parents and kids across both streams who ignore the ‘wreckers’ and love, cherish & nurture the school.

  3. Marcelle Nessim

    As opposed to a One size fits all, majority rule, dictating how it will be, conforming, excluding practice. This decision appears to be small minded, arrogant and dismissive of the transformational qualities sharing power and decision making can have in the realm of education. But most concerning is the message this decision sends to the children who are being educated in both streams? Respect for children and their rights, I think not. Shame.

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